It is no accident that Xsoft Technology has a strong credit rating and is chosen as a strategic software outsourcing company by many foreign clients. To thrive and elevate technological initiatives not only in Vietnam but also in Asia and throughout the world, we have a lot to gain. Some of the things you may expect from XSoft Technology include the following

Our software developers possess top-notch linguistic and interpersonal skills, especially in English.

Our software development outsourcing projects are designed in the owners' style, with sophistication and optimization for users in each feature.

If you have chosen our software outsourcing services and would want to see your final product in action, we are happy to arrange a personalized demonstration at any point in the process.

During the post-launch phase of a newly-made product, small adjustments are free for two weeks.

As we will always strive to organize a team schedule to match the needs of our clients, time zone differences will not be an issue.

We are an ISO-certified software outsourcing company (BSI UK Certification).



A software product's design, development, and testing are typically considered as 3 main 'verbs'. There are several steps to the software outsourcing process, depending on the client's goals and objectives. For the software development life cycle, each step relies on what outsourcing software company's model of the process is:

  • 1. Gathering ideas
  • 2. Proceeding to design
  • 3. Conducting software development
  • 4. Testing for potential errors
  • 5. Handing over
  • 6. Updating new features & Expanding product scale


Because of the popularity of outsourcing - especially software outsourcing, we can name many advantages when working with an outsourced development team, such as:



The most apparent advantage of utilizing the outsourcing software development services is the decrease in many kinds of costs, which is often emphasized in the majority of papers on the issue. Boosting a company's growth may be achieved via reducing expenses.


Making a tight deadline

In a tight deadline, outsourcing has the potential to be quite beneficial. Is there a need for additional people to help with the project? Hiring specialists that can meet your deadlines is one option to expedite the process.


Being on your company's budget

We will get you to the end of the road when it comes to outsourcing software development services, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing costly infrastructure or personnel investments.


Flexibility - not to forget

Flexibility is another advantage of outsourcing. This team might benefit from software outsourcing in an adverse business environment; for example, during the off-season or while conducting specialized projects on a tight budget, terminate the adventure at the conclusion of the project if you're employed by your organization.


Reaching to a large resource of talent

Firms with outsourcing software development services may be a great source of fresh talent for businesses looking to outsource some or all of their software development needs.

Quick Software Overview

Recent studies show that the software engineering profession is the most in demand throughout the globe. To put that in perspective, software developers are desperately needed in no less than 24 nations. When it comes to software outsourcing services, Vietnamese professionals are consistently at the top of the wish lists of international companies.


Custom Web Application Development

For various sectors and business goals, Xsoft Technology offers full-stack web development services. B2B and B2C online solutions with better security, amazing UI/UX design, and increased scalability are what we specialize in.

When it comes to new technology and best practices, our software developers thrive.


Custom Mobile Application Development

 Mobile application development is a specialty of our bespoke software development firm. We provide mobile app development solutions that have an intuitive user experience design and a striking appearance.

App development for iOS and Android, as well as hybrid and cross-platform apps. Contact us today for more information


User Experience And User Interface (UX & UI)

User experience (UX) and graphical user interface (GUI) designers are employed by XSoft Technology to create user-friendly, smooth, and attractive digital experiences.

A user-centered strategy is used to build digital solutions that solve user problems and suit your business goals while also meeting industry standards.

Innovative Team

Xsoft Technology offers high-quality software outsourcing services to clients worldwide with the power of a mature process and a highly skilled software engineering team.


Robert Bui

Founder & CEO

Henry Le

Senior Software Engineer

Maya Luong

Project Manager

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As we have a desire for perfection, we provide excellent abilities, talents, and a proven strategy when it comes to software outsourcing services. With a passion for excellence, XSoft Technology delivers high-quality software outsourcing services with exceptional skills, talents and a proven approach. We are also a trusted software outsourcing company with well-established global capabilities, quality standards and delivery processes that guarantee business values.

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